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Network PRo Toolkit

Your Key to Achieving Career Success!

You will have access to must-have resources and detailed steps for earning more referrals, boosting sales and accelerating job search success while networking. 

Books become outdated, and information on the Internet can be overwhelming and time consuming to read. Workshops provide a brief experience based on information available at that time. The Network PRo toolkit provides you with all the networking-development resources you need in one place. It is like a book, the latest and best online information, and a workshop—all rolled into one! Once you buy the Network PRo toolkit you will have ongoing access to all the latest features and updates—real time. Click here for more details about what is in the toolkit to achieve networking success.

For only $49.99 you get all of this plus real-time access to all the Network PRo Toolkit’s new features and updates.

Act now! Only $49.99*

* Special volume rates available for groups, associations, colleges and universities at just pennies a person. Call 412.527.1871 for details.

Additional programs

Network PRo Plus

This package includes access to the Network Pro Toolkit + 45 Minute Coaching Session. The online toolkit contains all of the information you’ll need to succeed in your job search. Learn how to craft an elevator pitch, talk to potential employers, find out your networking ROI and so much more. The 45 minute coaching session is a great addition for you to work through any apprehensions you still have and improve on any areas in which you may be struggling. – only $99.99

LinkedIn PRo

Stand out to potential employers with a well crafted, professional LinkedIn profile. We will assess your current LinkedIn profile and give you recommendations on how to best improve and thrive on LinkedIn. – only $99.99

Personal Brand PRo

Are you having trouble creating a unique personal brand that grabs attention? This package will give you access to the Network PRo toolkit with a 45 minute coaching session to help you discover your distinctive personal brand and how to best present it to potential employers or customers. You will also learn how to incorporate your personal brand into your LinkedIn profile, so you stand apart from your competitors and increase your success rate. – only $99.99


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