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Network PRo Toolkit

Your Key to Achieving Career Success!

  • Are you struggling to find a job and not getting interviews?
  • Are you an introvert and networking is extremely awkward for you?
  • Are you a business owner and want access to new customers?
  • Have you started a new business and need to get out there and build brand awareness?
  • Are you interested in advancing in your career and need to build a strong network of supporters?
  • Are you in sales and need to quickly reach your sales goals?
  • Do you struggle with how to tell people what you do in a compelling way?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it is time to spark some results and ignite action! The Network PRo Toolkit can quickly help you build confidence and embrace the power of networking to accelerate results!

In Network PRo Toolkit, you will learn how to set yourself apart You will have access to must-have resources and detailed steps for creating a powerful brand, earning more referrals, boosting sales and accelerating job search success!

Even celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and Bill Gates embrace the power of networking to achieve career success and you can too!


Jimmy Fallon Made It To ‘The Tonight Show’ Through Exceptional Networking


Books become outdated, and information on the Internet can be overwhelming and time consuming to read. Workshops provide a brief experience based on information available at that time. The Network PRo toolkit provides you with all the networking-development resources you need in one place. It is like a book, the latest and best online information, and a workshop—all rolled into one! 

Here’s what’s included:

  • Goal setting tools and resources so you can achieve and exceed your career goals.
  • A powerful exercise to uncover your key differentiators and create your memorable personal brand.
  • An Elevator Promise rater that provides you with instant feedback you can implement immediately.
  • A tool you can use to identify worthy networking opportunities.
  • A valuable exercise to help you communicate what you do in a way that captivates attention.
  • A guide for how to confidently work a room for networking at events, mixers and gatherings.
  • Strategies for networking and engaging with your connections on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • A guide for making networking phone calls with ease.
  • A follow-up idea generator with unique ideas you can effortlessly implement to stay in touch with contacts.
  • A contact management tool to manage your contacts more effectively.
  • A Networking ROI calculator to stay on top of your goals and identify where to improve.
  • And so much more!

Once you buy the Network PRo toolkit you will have ongoing access to all the latest features and updates—real time. Click here for more details about what is in the toolkit so you can supercharge your success through networking.

For only $49.99 you get all of this plus real-time access to all the Network PRo Toolkit’s new features and updates.

Act now! Only $49.99*

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* Special volume rates available for groups, associations, colleges and universities at just pennies a person. Call 412.527.1871 for details.

Additional programs

Network PRo Plus

This package includes access to the Network Pro Toolkit + 45 Minute Coaching Session. The online toolkit contains all of the information you’ll need to succeed in your job search. Learn how to craft an elevator pitch, talk to potential employers, find out your networking ROI and so much more. The 45 minute coaching session is a great addition for you to work through any apprehensions you still have and improve on any areas in which you may be struggling. – only $99.99

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LinkedIn PRo

Stand out to potential employers, recruiters and customers with a well crafted, professional LinkedIn profile. We will assess your current LinkedIn profile and give you recommendations on how to best improve and thrive on LinkedIn. – only $99.99

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Personal Brand PRo

Are you having trouble creating a unique personal brand that grabs attention? This package will give you access to the Network PRo toolkit with a 45 minute coaching session to help you discover your distinctive personal brand and how to best present it to potential employers or customers. You will also learn how to incorporate your personal brand into your LinkedIn profile, so you stand apart from your competitors and increase your success rate. – only $99.99

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