Step 4-D

Everything you need to network strategically—online and in person

Now that you have your marketing message nailed, it is time to get business networking. Strategic networking involves balancing online, phone, and face-to-face interactions. Depending on the business that you are in, you may spend more time in certain areas versus others. To get started, follow these steps

D – Learn how you can be a networking pro and engage with your contacts. (ongoing)

Learn how to be a network pro and achieve results by effectively engaging with your contacts through face-to-face interactions, on the phone and via social media.

Network Like a Pro 

How to be a NetworkPRo: Your action plan to help you be a more a effective networker and prioritize your leads.

Face to Face Networking

How to Work a Room: A guide for networking at events, mixers, and gatherings.

Networking Power Questions: A guide to help you network more confidently and effectively. Sometimes it is hard to get a good conversation started and these questions will help you to have more meaningful and purposeful conversations beyond an introduction.

Networking Worksheet: This is for one-on-one networking conversations, not mixers or networking events. Complete this document and use it to facilitate the networking conversations you have. This information will help the people you network with to provide you with the best referrals and introductions.

Social Media Networking

How to Use Facebook to For Networking: Learn how to leverage Facebook for business networking.

From LinkedOut to LinkedIn: A resource to help you use one of the most popular social media sites for business networking. Also learn about the newest LinkedIn new mobile app feature so you can teleport your contact information with others!

Twitter for Networking : A guide to help you leverage Twitter for networking.

Networking Communications

Network Letter Template (Word Document format): A template for an intro letter to help you connect with new contacts.

Never Have to Cold Call Again: How to make networking phone calls with confidence.

Phone Call Planning Worksheet: A worksheet to aid in planning your phone calls. This will prepare you to have the information you need at your fingertips to develop rapport and position you as a credible connection.

Networking Communications: Links to useful templates and sample letters to help you create strong letters and emails.