Step 4-B

Everything you need to network strategically—online and in person

Now that you have your marketing message nailed, it is time to get business networking. Strategic networking involves balancing online, phone, and face-to-face interactions. Depending on the business that you are in, you may spend more time in certain areas versus others. To get started, follow these steps

B – Identify everyone you know. (Takes approximately 30 minutes to complete)

Networking can help you grow your business and/or find your next opportunity. This involves expanding your professional network and cultivating stronger business connections. Use this resource to find and identify all potential networking sources because everyone you meet and/or know has the potential to help you find your next opportunity by providing information, locating resources and making introductions.

When you embark on your networking and referral strategy, it is important for you to build your circle of supporters beyond your immediate family and friends. Use this checklist to brainstorm all the people that you come into contact with and all the times when it would be appropriate and beneficial for you to ask for referrals or create a networking opportunity. This list is a starting point to build your networking and referral strategy.

Who Do You Know?

When to Ask For a Referral

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