Reinvigorate Your Networking Strategy

Strategic Networking in 5 Simple Steps – $19.99* for chamber members and $24.99* for non-chamber members.

Traditional networking is outdated. Develop a powerful networking strategy using a revolutionary online Network PRo Toolkit and this five-step process that will enable you to uncover more business opportunities and achieve faster business growth.

  1. Accomplish more with your time and money with goal-setting techniques.
  2. Supercharge your marketing message so you are remembered online and in person.
  3. Stand apart from your competitors with your personal networking strategy.
  4. Attract attention and increase sales with a kick-butt follow-up plan.
  5. Measure your progress so you are spending time in the right places.

After completing this program you will be equipped with the skills to:

  • Boost networking effectiveness.
  • Captivate your audience with powerful marketing messages.
  • Expand your network with meaningful and profitable connections.
  • Enhance your sales skills and earn more referrals and new customers.
  • Accelerate sales results and grow your business.

You will come away with actionable steps to network strategically and more effectively. This step-by-step process and Network PRo Toolkit contain everything needed to grow your business by making meaningful and profitable connections.

This easy-to-use process can be implemented right away for quick results.

*includes access to online Network Pro toolkit (

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