Step 5 – Don’t Flop the Follow-up

Set yourself apart from your competitors

At least 95% of the people you meet will not follow-up with you. Chances are, if you did any networking recently and someone reached out to you afterwards, you’ll remember who they are. The people you won’t remember are those who did only the basic things like handshaking, exchanging business cards, and giving their “what I do” spiel.

First, take a quick quiz and see if you are flopping the follow-up. Be honest!

Now, to stand out from everyone while networking, you should follow two basic steps:

  1. Follow-up with anyone you had a meaningful conversation or interaction with and anyone with whom you have established a next step, like a meeting or phone call.
  2. Use a contact management system to keep track of everyone you need to follow-up with and relevant next steps. There are many software solutions available or you can use the Contact Relationship Management Tool below to keep you organized. Or you can simply use a paper based system, but regardless of what method you use, you should be able to easily retrieve contact information and track next steps.

The resources below will help you create a follow-up strategy to help you stand apart from your competitors, but first, click on the WOW for some words of wisdom.

Click for Words of Wisdom

Thank-you Letter Template: A sample networking letter to give you some ideas of what to write

Contact Management Strategies: Tips and guidelines for actively managing your contacts

Follow-up Guide: Follow-up guidelines that will set you apart from your competitors

Networking Contact Management Tool: A tool to help you manage your contacts so you can follow-up more effectively. Includes a contact organizer, contact management calendar and to-do follow-up action planner.

Follow-up_Idea_Generator_and_Calendar_Template – Use this document to help you generate unique follow-up ideas and to manage your follow-up strategy with a calendar template.