Step 3 – Evaluate Your Elevator Promise

So now that you have created your unique and compelling elevator promise, it is time to give it an honest critique and see how you did.

Use the rater tool below and after you submit your answers, you will receive instant feedback you can use to improve your personal promise.

Also, print or download the worksheet below and reach out to others for feedback. Share this worksheet with at least 3-5 other people such as customers, sales prospects, work colleagues, former bosses, professionals in your field and good friends who will provide honest feedback. After this process is complete, you will valuable insights you can use to further improve your elevator promise.

NOTE: Incorporate valuable feedback, but also don’t get caught up in trying to make your marketing promise “perfect”.

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By having a more personal, distinctive message, you will feel more confident in networking situations and you will continue to differentiate you and your company from your competitors.

Exercise: Evaluate Your Elevator Promise – rater – complete these questions and get instant feedback.

Worksheet: Elevator Promise Survey – add your elevator promise, print and share with others to get valuable feedback. This is also helpful for one-on-one conversations.

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