Step 2 – Creating a Powerful Personal Brand – Target Audience Examples

Target Audience Examples

Example #1, restaurant owner (B2C)

There are lots of different types of restaurants out there and the key to your success will be attracting the right people based on how you define your target market. What types of clientele are you interested in attracting? Do you have a restaurant that serves a specific kind of food? Or do you have a family restaurant that serves kid-friendly food like pizza boats and curly fries with a playground and a game room?

A couple going on a romantic first date would be disappointed with a noisy kid infested establishment; however, a family looking for a fun and entertaining place to eat will love it! There are so many ways that you can attract the families by using the right messaging and by incorporating the right key words and unique qualities of what your restaurant offers that would be most valuable for parents with kids such as “kid-friendly, crayons provided, has a game room, casual atmosphere, provides a kids’ menu etc. This messaging would be entirely different for a couple looking for a quiet night out and you may more likely use phrases like romantic environment, candlelit tables, intimate dining experience, breathtaking view, exquisitely prepared food and more!

Example #2, photographer (B2C)

A person that specializes in photography could take pictures for many types of events. There are weddings, family pictures, graduations, corporate events, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, and so much more. By focusing on a specific type of event or area of expertise, you will be able to demonstrate your experience and what makes you different in a more compelling way.

For a wedding, you may focus on attention to detail, your unique style, how you create a story through your pictures. For a kid birthday parties, you will want to demonstrate your ability to create a fun environment and how you connect with kids in a way that gets them to cooperate and keeps them smiling for a natural photographic appearance. Choosing a photographer is a very personal decision and people like to feel that they are making the right investment in their memories.

Example #3, Jobseeker – Accounting Position

Accounting roles vary and can be specialized in many areas such as financial audits, estate planning, financial analysis, business consulting, income tax preparation, bookkeeping, and financial and regulatory reporting. An accountant can also have different responsibilities in financial services organizations versus manufacturing organizations. Having a defined skill set could be an important way to distinguish you from others by disclosing how you address industry specific issues. Furthermore, an accountant in a small firm may wear many hats versus a larger company where you may have narrower job responsibilities.

Think about the ideal role you are seeking such as accounts payable clerk, controller, accounting manager, budget analyst or a CPA and use the relevant key words for this position. This will increase your chances of getting noticed because each position has clearly defined responsibilities and skill sets.