Step 2 – Creating a Powerful Personal Brand – Action Statement Examples

Action Statement Examples

For businesses:

  • Provide small companies with the marketing tools and resources needed to perform marketing activities on a budget.
  • Deliver hot, tasty pizza quickly.
  • Offer entrepreneurs and investors an efficient and uniquely interactive method for obtaining or investing capital.
  • Provide working parents with a safe and interactive daycare environment.
  • Help small business owners bring more traffic to their website by using cutting edge marketing tools.
  • Work with business owners to implement sales solutions designed to decrease the sales cycle and increase revenue in a shorter period of time.
  • Offer a full range of technology solutions to enable company employees to work more efficiently.
  • Help companies get exposure from effective sales training techniques.
  • Supply families with a fun atmosphere and quality, affordable food.

For job seekers

  • I help companies increase visibility in the market with creative marketing techniques.
  • I am a sales manager focusing on selling complicated business software solutions to large enterprises.
  • I am a committed engineer who conceives and deploys creative product solutions to overcome challenges and advance organizational objectives.
  • I am a motivating and enthusiastic human resources mentor and coach. I instill ownership to engage successful performance-driven teams.
  • I am a creative sales professional who uncovers customer needs to offer viable and enticing product solutions.
  • I am a focused and determined business leader. I offer wisdom and experience to drive bottom line growth and lucrative business opportunities.
  • I cultivate profitable business relationships built on respect, loyalty and trust.