Goal Setter for Sales People and/or Business Owners

  • This is your average dollar value generated for each order transaction.
  • A qualified lead is a lead that has a higher probability of turning into a sale. You can either look at your average over a period of time or if you do not have this data, use 50% to start and adjust accordingly.
  • OUTPUT: Networking leads and sales needed to reach your goals

  • This is an important number because it helps you assess how many qualified leads you need to generate through various marketing strategies including networking. You then have to access how many of these leads you will target for your networking efforts.
  • Your sales pipeline is your overview of your sales forecast and a way to estimate your sales leads and where they are in the purchasing process so you can better quantify the demand for your products and/or services. Once you know this number, you can set networking goals to help you achieve this number on a monthly basis.