Step 1 – Goal Setting

Study after study proves a direct correlation between goal setting and success. Results from these studies vary but most claim goal setters achieve anywhere from 60 to 80 percent  more in productivity.  The five primary benefits for incorporating goal setting as a part of your business and job search process are:

  1. Clarity: Clarifying what your vision is enables you to establish goals that are consistent with your vision.
  2. Motivation: Stating what you want to accomplish gives you a framework to concentrate your energy and a vision to propel you forward.
  3. Focus: Identifying your priorities so you stop wasting time on tasks that don’t contribute to your goals.
  4. Accountability: Setting goals holds you responsible to yourself for producing the best results.
  5. Growth: Setting goals encourages you to stretch your abilities and achieve your highest potential.

How to get started.

First complete the goal setting worksheet to ensure your networking success!

  1. Use your goal-setting worksheet to establish your networking goals and determine how you will accomplish them. Establish your overall goal (like find a job, grow your business or increase sales). You can also use it for setting networking goals along the way (like establishing what you need to achieve at a networking event or meeting). This will increase your likelihood of achieving and exceeding your goals.

Worksheet; Step 1 Goal Setting Worksheet

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    1. Next, here are some goal-setting resources to help you identify the specific actions you need to take and keep you on track:

For Business and Sales Professionals; Goal Setter

Business owners and sales professionals need manage how their networking efforts link to lead generation. This goal setter tool will help you to establish the number of network contacts you need to cultivate per month to help reach your sales and revenue targets.

For Job Seekers; Goal Setting Scorecard 

For job seekers, setting goals will provide you with the necessary measures to hold you accountable so you are focusing your efforts and spending time in the right places. This will help expedite the job search process.