How to Use Twitter for Networking

How to Use Twitter for Networking

Twitter is a great way to interact with your network in a virtual environment. The key is to cultivate relationships. Twitter started with sharing “what are you doing now” in 140 characters or less, but matured into “discover what is happening right now, anywhere in the world” and a great tool for networking. It is a fantastic resource to help you quickly keep a pulse on valuable information and access people who may otherwise be very difficult to reach.

Community is a significant part of networking and can be customers, news medium, bloggers, employees, competitors and so on. Twitter is a two-way communication medium. It is very much necessary to listen to the community as much as it is to provide useful information. Twitter usage cannot be effective with just one-way communication.

No matter what your networking goals are, Twitter can be effectively embedded into a networking strategy and the usage can be in many ways:

  1. To ask customers “how can I help you today”.
  2. To connect with people and companies you want to get to know.
  3. To establish relationships with key connections.
  4. To keep a pulse on job updates, industry trends and best practices.
  5. To share interesting perspectives and demonstrate your expertise.
  6. To educate your community.
  7. To make announcements about your products or services and how you add value.
  8. To share the developments in your industry or organization.
  9. To interact with your community and participate in discussions.

Here are some effective ways to network using Twitter and cultivate meaningful relationships with your community:

  1. Provide and share useful content to your community: No one would like to follow you if you are always just trying to sell you, your product or service. It is very important to engage with your followers.
  2. Listen: Listening “online” is no different than listening when you are in person. Listening to your contacts is a primary advantage of Twitter.
  3. Engage: Encourage interaction with your connections.
    1. Ask questions or create polls.
    2. Retweet and share information with your followers.
    3. Introduce people, use the @ command and make some introductions.
    4. Recommend that people follow someone on Twitter