How This Process Works

Your quick start guide to smarter networking. 

After going through these six steps, you will be equipped to be a more confident and self-assured networker.

  • Begin by learning more about strategic business networking and why it is important. 15 minutes
  • Take a quick quiz to see “Are You a Strategic Networker?5 minutes
  • Step 1: 15 minutes – How do you establish networking goals? The goal setting tools will help you understand what you need to accomplish in your networking efforts. This is a critical step that will help you achieve success.
  • Step 2: 2-3 hours – This is where you create your powerful personal brand & elevator promise.  Learn how to identify your personal brand differentiators so you stand apart from everyone else. Create a compelling elevator promise so you confidently know what to say at networking events when someone asks what you do and leave a lasting impression. Update your social media profiles to be more compelling.  This resource will lead you through the steps to establish your personal brand value proposition and use this to create a powerful elevator promise that is memorable, compelling, and personal.
  • Step 3: 10 minutes – Rate your elevator promise During this step you will have the opportunity to assess your elevator promise and determine its effectiveness. You simply answer the questions and you will be provided recommendations for improvement and best practice suggestions. You should also have other people rate your message such as your family, friends, and peers.
  • Step 4: Ongoing – How can you be a pro at networking? This section provides you everything you need to be a strategic networker from a networking worksheet to identify all potential sources of people to network with to social media guides and some “power” questions so you are equipped with some great conversation starters at networking events to help you feel confident and empowered.
  • Step 5: Ongoing – One of the most critical elements of networking is the follow-up.  If you meet someone while networking and then don’t follow-up, your time was wasted. This section includes resources you need to make sure you nail the follow-up process and create long lasting relationships with your prospects.
  • Step 6: 15-30 minutes – How do you know you are making progress? Measurement is an important element in the networking process. This tool is designed for you to quickly assess if you are using your networking budget wisely. Just fill in your information and you will receive an estimated return on your networking investment.

And don’t forget about the WOW’s incorporated throughout the toolkit that provide quick words of wisdom designed to supercharge your networking success.

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That’s it, you now have the information you need to get started. Good luck with your networking efforts. If you find you need additional coaching or are interested in a custom program for your company, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Now, let’s get started!