Building Your Network on LinkedIn

Building Your Network on LinkedIn

Networking is the core value of LinkedIn. It is vital to establish a circle of supporters and connections to be the most successful at networking. By utilizing LinkedIn as a virtual platform with millions of active users, you are able to build up business relationships without physical boundaries.

As a social networking site, LinkedIn is based on the concept of connecting with other professionals. In the business context, LinkedIn becomes a valuable tool where you can network with professionals, entrepreneurs, employers, work colleagues and prospects by sending and receiving LinkedIn connection requests.

  • Import your existing email connections.
    • In your toolbar, click on “My Network” then “connect” and LinkedIn will guide you through a process to invite others to connect with you. Do not “select all”, but take the time to identify your key connections.
    • You can also search for people you know via the search bar on the top left. You can use the networking guide in this toolkit to help you identify others in your network to invite to connect on LinkedIn.
    • NOTE: It is always best to personalize your invitations and send a personal note when you invite someone to connect with you.
  • About once a month, peruse the “People you should know” section to see if anyone new pops up. 
    • Periodically peruse the “People you should know” section on “My Network” to see if there is anyone you want to send an invitation to connect.
  • Connect with people you meet while networking.
    • After you have had a meaningful conversation with someone while networking, as a follow-up extend an invitation on LinkedIn with a personal note.
  • Connect with people you have meaningful online conversation with. 
    • If you get to know someone from an online group discussion on LinkedIn, consider connecting with them.

NOTE: After connecting with someone on LinkedIn: 

  • Send a note to find out what they have been up to.
  • Look for mutual ways you can help each other.