From LinkedOut to LinkedIn

Going From LinkedOut to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with all your contacts including friends, colleagues and fellow alumnae. But don’t stop there… LinkedIn also has very valuable networking benefits that you can seamlessly integrate into your current marketing programs, increase your visibility with your target market and result in very lucrative business development and job opportunities.

The goal? To compliment your overall strategic networking strategy and cultivate meaningful AND profitable relationships with your community and circle of supporters!

LinkedIn users provide a community environment where people can reach out directly to each other or ask for referrals from other people they trust in their network.

How to use LinkedIn wisely

LinkedIn is not a place to sell your services or to blatantly ask for a job, but a way for you to engage with your key contacts and build a network around important and relevant topics. By sharing your expertise in this networking forum, you demonstrate your thought leadership, increase your credibility and brand awareness and ultimately encourage people to contact you directly.

LinkedIn has become an invaluable resource to develop meaningful and profitable connections. The key is to not be complacent. Joining LinkedIn is more than just collecting contacts. Once you fully understand the functionality of LinkedIn and how to use it effectively, you will uncover a great tool to help you grow your business through the connections you make.

Compared to the other social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, the purpose of LinkedIn is to support business networking and allows you to demonstrate your expertise and credibility. LinkedIn is a powerful database of connections that allows you to interact with like-minded people, potential prospects, customers, colleagues, friends and more. Therefore, on LinkedIn, you should focus on establishing networks and even more importantly, engaging with them.

With more than 500 million active users, LinkedIn is becoming a popular tool for marketing because of its low price and easy access to the people in every part of the world. Even as a beginner, you can use LinkedIn and achieve success. Evaluate your current position and pick a level that is the right one for you.

Before you get started

Before you get started, review the different levels below, and decide at which level you want to begin with: Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced. Find the most suitable one for your needs while taking into account how to best use your time and resources appropriately.

As you are using LinkedIn, always remember to not sell anything in the early stage of your relationship with potential customers, employers, or recruiters. You must build relationships by sharing your expertise, demonstrating value and establishing credibility. LinkedIn always works best when there is a two-way exchange—if you can help a LinkedIn contact; they will likely be willing to return the favor.

Basic – For beginners who are not  familiar with LinkedIn but want to try the networking tools that LinkedIn has.

Intermediate – At this level, you should have some experience with LinkedIn and know the basic ways to manage your LinkedIn accounts.

Advanced – At the advanced level, you should be comfortable with your LinkedIn skills and have established a network of connections.

Click to continue on at the level or your choice, or start at the basic level and continue from there.