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Network PRo Toolkit

Uncover More Leads and Customers!

  • Are you in multi-level marketing and want to quickly reach your sales goals?
  • Do you want access to new leads and customers?
  • Do you want to accelerate results?
  • Are you looking for ways to find interested prospects?
  • Do you struggle with getting beyond your family and friends?
  • Do you want to stand out on social media so customers and prospects find you easier?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it is time to spark some results and ignite action! Uncover more leads and customers with the Network PRo Toolkit! Quickly build your confidence and embrace the power of networking to accelerate your your sales process! 

How can I boost sales results and make more money?

The toolkit helps you set realistic sales goals and you will use a measurement process to hold yourself accountable. You will learn a quick and easy way to identify your most important goals so you can track your progress and stay motivated. The Toolkit’s goal setting tools ensure you set meaningful goals that’ll boost your networking and sales efforts.

You may also struggle with effectively “selling” yourself. The toolkit helps you uncover your value which increases your confidence. You’ll learn what separates you from everyone else. Having a strong handle on your key differentiators will empower you with an amazing sense of conviction, so you’ll be able to positively assert and sell yourself with confidence! When you walk into any networking situation, people won’t be able to resist your positivity and self-assurance.

Simply put …

With your newfound confidence, you will attract more customers.

And more customers means more money!

You’re so close to boosting your sales success.

Make an impact with your secret weapon!

Your brand is the essence of what makes you different from your competitors — your secret weapon. You need to know how to market your brand promise, so you can capture the attention of prospects and customers and grow your business! With our Brand Promise Rater, and our feedback, you’ll be able to build a more memorable brand, so you cut through the white noise and make an impact.

The Toolkit helps you understand how to leverage your personal brand so you know how to make an impact during networking meetings and leave a lasting impression.  Remember your personal brand is your secret weapon, use it!

Are you flopping the follow-up?

Over 95% of networking and sales efforts fail because of an inadequate follow-up process. The Toolkit’s guides, templates and strategy worksheets teach you proven follow-up techniques with some creative flair. You’ll cultivate the connections you need to stay top of mind and nurture your customers and prospects for greater sales results.

What's in the Toolkit that can ignite your business success?

The Toolkit teaches you how to market yourself to prospects and make more meaningful connections. It arms you with the confidence and the knowledge you need to succeed in increasing sales and growing your business.

The toolkit teaches you through valuable resources, including:

  • Worksheets to help you brainstorm and realize the value of your skill sets and create a unique personal brand
  • Tools like the Networking Calculator to estimate the ROI of your networking and branding efforts
  • Video Words of Wisdom (WOWs) that help guide you through the toolkit with important tips
  • Articles full of the  information and expert advice you need to rapidly find more customers
  • Social media tips that will make you stand out to prospects
  • Templates that make it easy to write your elevator pitch, follow-ups, thank-you letters and more

All of these tools will help you find more prospects and customers and ultimately boost your sales results.

Even celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and Bill Gates embrace the power of networking to achieve success and you can too!

How Jimmy Fallon Made It To 'The Tonight Show' Through Exceptional Networking

Networking, the Key to Realizing Impossible Dreams

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Network PRo Toolkit



Your networking maximizer for sales, career and business success!

Includes guides, interactive resources, worksheets and more so you can network with confidence and accelerate sales, business and job search success. 

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Network PRo Plus 



Everything in the Network PRo Toolkit + 1-hour coaching session to supercharge your networking success.

Your coaching session will help you work through any apprehensions you may have and improve on key areas to fast-track your success. 

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Personal Brand PRo



Everything in the Network PRo toolkit + a 1-hour coaching session to help you discover your distinctive personal brand.

You will come away with a memorable

Elevator Pitch that rocks! Perfect for grabbing the attention of employers or customers and to stand apart from your competitors on social media. 

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LinkedIn PRo



Stand out to potential employers, recruiters and customers with a well-crafted, professional LinkedIn profile. Receive recommendations on how to best improve and thrive on LinkedIn.

Includes a 1-hour consultation, the development of a compelling headline, an optimized summary and additional strategic profile recommendations. 

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Here’s what’s included:

  • Goal setting tools and resources so you can accelerate sales success.
  • A powerful exercise to uncover your key differentiators and create your memorable personal brand.
  • An Elevator Promise rater that provides you with instant feedback you can implement immediately.
  • A tool you can use to identify worthy networking opportunities.
  • A valuable exercise to help you communicate what you do in a way that captivates attention of prospects and customers.
  • A guide for how to confidently work a room for networking at events, mixers and gatherings.
  • Strategies for networking and engaging with your connections on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • A guide for making networking phone calls with ease.
  • A follow-up idea generator with unique ideas you can effortlessly implement to stay in touch with contacts.
  • A contact management tool to manage your contacts more effectively.
  • A Networking ROI calculator to stay on top of your goals and identify where to improve.
  • And so much more!

See what others say:

Vickie R

Incredibly empowering” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of the Network PRo Toolkit. I used it as a tool for my work with young entrepreneurs, and it dramatically increased their customer sales funnels. The toolkit was a clear and concise “map” of how to network effectively. The exercise on branding was particularly useful in helping my students distill their personal branding messages in a unique and compelling way. Great Tool!

Molly M.

I really liked the Network PRo Toolkit because it was so easy to use. This is a great way for students and anyone who wants to be a better networker to learn new skills that will help them to find a job more quickly as well as stand out as an individual. The various worksheets and how-to guides are great when connecting the networking concepts to real-life situations.

Kelly O

The Network PRo Toolkit is an easy-to-use system for students and professionals to learn how to effectively network and develop lifelong skills that are useful for ongoing career development and job searches. There are great videos that help you to stay engaged with the exercises and worksheets developed to guide you through the networking process. The toolkit is easy to follow and was immediately applicable to my life as a student. There is also a valuable survey you can complete to get advice about improving your personal brand. The Network PRo Toolkit has sparked my confidence in my professional networking skills and has enhanced my techniques of marketing myself to future employers.

Wendy C.

Sheryl’s knowledge of marketing and networking is remarkable. One of her impressive ventures is the Network PRo Toolkit. With the Network PRo Toolkit, Sheryl has created a vehicle to help anyone who wants to build and strengthen his or her networking skills, from college students preparing for new careers to well-seasoned professionals. The toolkit provides a strategic action plan to approach networking in a way that increases confidence and productivity while eliminating activities that are a waste of time and money. This system is full of resources and the strategic planning process is easy to navigate. Whether your goal is to gain sales, earn more referrals or to land your dream job, you will find the Network PRo Toolkit a powerful part of your plan.

Tabitha W.

The Network PRo Toolkit is a great way to learn more about networking. There is a lot of useful information and exercises for anyone who wants to learn more about how to network better to find jobs and internships. The toolkit helped me to slow down and really analyze how I was presenting myself to prospective employers. The step-by-step tactics allow you to focus on what matters to you and how to showcase your personal values in a way that will make you stand out.

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