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Take your networking skills to the next level with your personalized networking program!

Several membership options are available for Solopreneurs, business professionals or sales people who need to boost their networking skills for business growth or business teams that collaborate and need a custom program specific to organizational needs.

Standard Membership (50% off): Network PRo Toolkit, $24.99 (50% off the retail price of $49.99) for the 6 step program! Save hours of time and make more money faster with this strategic networking system.

  • Access to the toolkit for one full year with all updates and new features included.


Silver Membership (50% off): Network PRo Toolkit plus two hour strategy session is $124.99 (50% off the retail price of $249.99). Your two hour strategy session will include recommendations on how to use the Network PRo Toolkit specifically for your business.

  • Access to the toolkit for one full year with all updates and new features included.

 Platinum Membership (25% off): Team Development

  • A custom workshop for your team members based on team needs and specific networking challenges. Using a combination of tools, including presentations, examples, interactive exercises, workshops, coaching, and webinars, members of the BD-PRo team will develop a custom Network PRo training system to meet your needs.
  • Access for each team member to the online Network PRo Toolkit for ongoing skill reinforcement.
  • A review and assessment of your marketing impressions—including social media profiles, website Home page, and other marketing materials.
  • A 25% discount will be applied to your proposal.

Learn how to optimize the following critical networking skills through interactive training and learning processes.

  • Captivate your audience
  • Maximize market exposure
  • Make meaningful connections
  • Build your professional network
  • Boost your confidence
  • Strengthen your networking relationships
  • Enhance your sales skills
  • Earn more referrals
  • Generate more qualified leads
  • Make money faster
  • Accelerate sales results

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