The Biggest LinkedIn Mistake You Could be Making and How to Fix It

LinkedIn is a great way for you to network and stay connected to a large group of people. That is true; however, there is one big mistake that you could be making which can seriously impact your ability to be a much more effective networker: being complacent.

LinkedIn Networking Tips

Are you one of those people who are in the habit of “collecting” contacts on LinkedIn? Maybe you go to various networking events like mixers, trade shows, job fairs and then extend an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. If so, that is great! As the largest professional network in the world, LinkedIn is a fantastic resource you can use to build and maintain your network. However, you could be making a huge mistake if you are being too complacent and not interacting and engaging with your network. And by making this mistake, you are missing valuable opportunities to boost your networking success on LinkedIn.

Connecting with people on LinkedIn is a great first step, but it shouldn’t stop there. You need to take it a step further and interact with your contacts in a meaningful way and on a regular basis.

How to Avoid Complacency on LinkedIn

I have the following six tips you can use to avoid being complacent on LinkedIn:

  • Regularly read your newsfeed to keep a pulse on what is going on in your network. You will stay connected, and you have the opportunity to “like” and comment on new and information posted by your connections. If someone in your network shares something exciting or interesting, say something!
  • When you invite someone to connect with you, include a personal note and reference a conversation you had or a post that was shared by that person.
  • Join some groups that are relevant to your career and participate in discussions. You can demonstrate your interest and expertise by liking and commenting on these virtual conversations.
  • Set up 1-2 conversations with your connections every week to get to know them more personally. You can do this in person, via a tool like Skype or on the phone.
  • Start a discussion about a relevant topic and ask for input and perspectives. Moderate comments and continue to be involved as the discussion evolves.
  • Actively make introductions!

Now take a few minutes and do 1-2 of these suggestions every day to increase your networking effectiveness on LinkedIn.

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