Engagement: 20 Tips to Successfully Engage With Connections When Networking on Facebook

It is easy to walk up to someone and hand them a business card or gain a few fans on Facebook; however, it takes more effort to build and maintain a beneficial relationship. You have accumulated fans and followers on your social media sites, but what do you do now? You must engage with them to begin developing a personal connection.

When networking in person or online, there are quick, easy tips that will make people WANT to interact with you and your business.


  1. Share your common interests when talking in person or online
  2. Ask what they are looking for in you and your business
  3. Ask questions and LISTEN so you have a better understanding of how to engage further
  4. Use humor and be yourself (personality will drive people to engage)
  5. Create fill in the blank posts for your status updates on social media (this compels people to want to interact)
  6. Have contests: use third-party sites like Offerpop.com and ShortStack.com (these are easy to set up and implement)Image
  7. Respond to your Facebook fans within 24 hours to stay current
  8. Post polls to see what your fans are interested in
  9. Create giveaways to boost interaction
  10. Use photos when making status updates (people respond more to images that capture their attention)
  11. Post interesting articles that are relevant to your target market
  12. Create posts that will generate conversation by sharing facts, issues, news, and/or successes that are relevant to your field of business
  13. Use social media to build relationships– do not try to sell your product
  14. Send a personal note to a couple of your connections via email or through social media
  15. Tell a story and share details about how you have helped a customer
  16. Provide a testimonial for someone
  17. Invite someone to attend a networking event with you
  18. Comment on discussions started by people in your network
  19. Make a phone call
  20. Most importantly, do not forget to follow up after engaging with somebody! You can have a great connection; however, do not leave them hanging after your conversation.


We Practice What We Preach

Networking is critical when building your business and looking for a job. By engaging with others, you are able to build mutually beneficial relationships.

HOWEVER, successful networking does not come easily! Numerous things can go wrong in a networking situation that can instantly turn off the person you are attempting to connect with.

So… I challenge you!

Go out to our Facebook page, like us and describe a networking faux pas that really bugs you with a tip to overcome.   We’d love to hear from you and continue the engagement!

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