How to Bust Down Barriers to Achieve Your Goals

I’d like to introduce you to my newest intern, Cory. He is going to start off 2015 and share some great insights on how you can proactively bust down barriers that may prevent you from accomplishing your goals. It’s easy to set goals, but actually making progress can be tough. These are great pointers to help you achieve success! Now…..drum roll please……here’s Cory!!

In this new year, I find my conversations with many folks to be inundated with “New Year, New Me” talk. Of course, they are referring to their resolutions to lose weight, be a better spouse, further their education, and so much more. While it is wonderful to set these goals, it is truly disheartening to see so many people give up on them so quickly. Gyms return to normal attendance by February, bad habits set back in, and we all lose sight of what we had such high hopes for.

So what is it that makes us lose sight of our goals and fall back into just going through the motions? How does our excitement about fresh endeavors fade into, “remember the time when I tried to (insert abandoned goal here)?” Furthermore, what on earth can we do about it!? After all, it is unrealistic to accomplish every goal we set and complete every task we think about right? Wrong! I am no motivational expert but in my opinion, the largest cause of derailment of each journey toward success is those mangey obstacles that pop up and cause us to lose sight of what we want. Goal setting is an important part of healthy and successful living but the true pillars are clarity and focus.

Don't let roadblocks get in the way of achieving success. Identify your barriers and be proactive about removing them before they stop your progress.  Photo courtesy of Flickr

Don’t let roadblocks get in the way of achieving success. Identify your barriers and be proactive about removing them before they stop your progress.
Photo courtesy of Flickr

Okay, so we have found the problem! We’re all good now that we know we just need to maintain our focus and keep our goals clear. Or, wait, are we? If you find that your car won’t run because it has a flat tire, is your job complete there? If your watch doesn’t keep time and you find that the problem is a dead battery are you satisfied with that? If you answered yes to either of the last two questions then don’t waste your time by reading on. However, if you are the type of person to fill up that tire and drive on or buy a new watch battery so you can keep ticking then keep on going; we are almost to the good stuff.

A little while ago I mentioned those “mangey obstacles” that derail us on our journey towards our goals. These are the flat tires and dead batteries of life. Leave them alone and you aren’t going anywhere. Fix these little hiccups and you can continue on. But what if we can avoid these little detours? What if you already have the ability inside you to skip the hiccups and achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently? Don’t let the failures of your past define who you are and what you can do. Use the knowledge of your past obstacles to anticipate future ones…..and then plan for them!

The Barrier Buster Guide developed by our team here at BD-PRo Marketing Solutions can help you do just that. Once you’ve defined possible barriers to your goals this year you can use the natural talent and experience that you have to avoid them. If you find that you still need a little help, don’t worry, we are here for you and so is our Network PRo Toolkit.

Phew, okay, I am not the type of person to end with a cheesy plug so lets conclude:

  • You have goals for yourself this new year. Great start!
  • You have a bit of an idea how you will achieve them. Get going.
  • You have started out on this new journey for yourself. Now it gets tough.
  • Barriers and obstacles are standing in your way further down the road…Define and plan for them before they define and plan for you!

Now let’s hear from you about how you overcome your obstacles! Comment below and share your tips.

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