Video Delivers Powerful Networking Benefits

Networking is about building meaningful, profitable relationships, and what is cool about video is that it can help you do this 24/7, even when you are asleep.

“Video is 53 times more likely than text to show up on the first page of search results.” (Forrester)

“Video landing pages generate 4–7 times higher engagement and response rates than static image and text landing pages.” (Search Engine Watch)

“Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not.” (Internet Retailer)

How is video used in networking?

Used in networking, video is a powerful way to engage with your connections. Done well, video can deliver powerful benefits.

  • Video can drive traffic to your website and boost your search rankings so more people find you.
  • Video can play a significant role in your networking strategy and serve as a salesperson for your business. One of the first things people do after a face-to-face meeting is connect with you online and review your social-media profiles and website. Video makes this next interaction more engaging and memorable.Image
  • When you are referred to people, they will most likely check you out online before contacting you. By delivering a more personal introduction, video can encourage them to take that next step.
  • In a culture entrenched in visual images, video attracts online attention more effectively than text. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the potential a video has of expressing your personality, business branding, and marketing message to potential clients. Video can be the key to inspiring them to learn more about you and your business and to ultimately take action, whether it’s to make an initial connection, request information, hire your service, or purchase your product.
  • Video is a great tool for engaging with contacts in innovative and compelling ways. There are many opportunities for you to incorporate video to provide a user-experience that will enhance your brand, increase market visibility, and motivate people to do business with you.

Don’t get overwhelmed thinking that you have to create a video. Before you jump in, consider your networking strategy and evaluate if a video makes sense for your business. Some things to consider include

  • Whether you create a video yourself or hire a professional, are you willing and able to invest the time to do it well?
  • Do you have a strong virtual presence where having a video would help you to further engage with networking contacts you make through social media?
  • Are you in an industry where having a personal connection with someone is critical to the sales process?  
  • Do you have a referral-based enterprise that depends on word-of-mouth business?

How can you successfully use video in your networking strategy?

Bob Steranko*, video expert and owner of Reel Mill, shares his thoughts.

“Networking is all about increasing your exposure, and nothing can present a consistent and compelling image of you out there 24 hours a day. Not even you. Online video is the next best thing to interacting with someone face-to-face. It increases search e

ngine exposure, website traffic-retention rates, and most importantly, conversion rates. It also reaches viewers beyond their computers with Internet TV, tablets, and smartphones.

With all of the affordable—even free—distribution options available online, such as business websites, blogs, YouTube channels, social networks, and video-ad networks, video is an extremely effective marketing and communications tool for any business, as long as it’s made well. Whether you decide to start with a do-it-yourself video or one that’s professionally produced, make s

ure you keep these “takes” in mind.

TAKE 1 – Why should you begin producing video? Video helps to drive traffic to your identity, creates a high view retention than text and static images and increases conversion rate.

TAKE 2 – Content matters greatly. Some terrific ways to use video for sharing interesting content include demonstrating a concept or process, sharing tips and capturing customer stories.

TAKE 3 – Quality goes a long way in selling your image and message. To ensure this, make sure you prepare a script, use HD-quality equipment, proper lighting, and appropriate audio.”

For more information and an expanded version of this information with additional guidelines from expert Bob Steranko, go to to obtain immediate access to your online Network PRo Toolkit. This valuable resource contains a 6-step process that you can easily implement to supercharge your networking strategy. “How to Engage With Your Contacts Using Video” is included. You will receive additional information so you can create a video that will compel people to take action and contact you. Bob will share details about where to distribute video to increase your online visibility and when to engage with a professional videographer versus doing it yourself. In addition, he provides additional details on the topics contained in this blog post.

*Bob SterImageanko is a video producer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with over thirteen years of experience in every aspect of video production. He earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in communications from Penn State University, which led him to pursue multiple corporate roles in sales and marketing. In 2000, he followed his passion for the trade and began networking with corporate connections to grow his freelance videography business. He has since produced informational, educational, and promotional short-form video for small start-ups to global corporations. In 2012, he created a brand for his freelance business, Reel Mill, focused on helping small businesses and beyond grow bigger identities through online video production. He was recently asked by Duquesne University SBDC to share his knowledge of the power of online video marketing at the Entrepreneur’s Growth Conference.

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