Stopwatch Secrets – Marketing Actions in Under 5 Minutes.

I was trying to think of a way to interact with my community on a regular basis to stay connected, continue to build relationships and most importantly, add value. But I also recognize that people are busy and don’t have a lot of time to ready lengthy newsletters of emails. So I came up with the idea of “Stopwatch Secrets” which is an an ongoing action-letter for people on the run that will contain just one quick marketing action. Just one! So you are not overwhelmed with a bunch of information that may be valuable but you just don’t have time to read, let alone actually do anything.

You will not have to read through long newsletters to gain more marketing knowledge to apply to your business. The key is that each action that can be read in under 1 minute and implemented in under 5 minutes. You can take 5 minutes out of your day, right?

Not every action will apply for every business, but you can take a minute, read the material and see if this makes sense for you. If so, 5 minutes later you can implement a marketing idea worthwhile for your business.

stopwatch with ack

Take 5 minutes and implement a marketing action for your business.

Set your Stopwatch! Start here:

You have done some networking; now what?

Social media is one way to continue the relationship with your qualified contacts. A call to action is an often overlooked element of an effective social media marketing strategy.

Studies show that posts from blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc will receive better success rates if they contain calls to action.

Therefore, after having a meaningful conversation with someone during networking be sure you lead them to the next step in the relationship process. Do not leave them hanging!

What Should You Do?

Have you connected with someone recently? Reach out to them and incorporate a call to action in your followup.
For future use, pick a few call to actions that are relevant to you and your business and implement them into your social media strategy.
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What should you do after a productive networking exchange? Follow-up and have a call to action.

Some examples of powerful social media call to actions are:
  • “Follow me on Twitter at @yourtwittername.”
  • “Connect with me on LinkedIn at * .”
  • “Like me on Facebook by searching <your business name>.”
  • “Email me and let’s set up a time to talk.”
  • “Share this photo to enter an upcoming contest.”
  • “Click here to download a free tip guide.”
  • “Check your e-mail for upcoming events and sales.”
  • “Like this photo to be entered into a random drawing to win ….”
  • “Bring the coupon located on our Facebook page into our store for x% off your next purchase.”
  • “Watch this video and share it.”
  • “Tweet this/please retweet.”
  • “Write a review about your experience with us on our Facebook page.”
  • “Check our Facebook page for daily offers.”
  • “Go to my website at * for more information.”
  • “Call me for more information or help.”
  • Join our online networking group on LinkedIn.”

So if you haven’t taken your 5 minutes yet, go ahead and get started. If you are interested in signing up for future editions of Stopwatch Secrets, you can sign up to this blog or to the email version of Stopwatch Secrets on the right side of this post.

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