3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Networking Strategy for 2013

The new year is HERE and it is time to start off 2013 with a fresher, more impactful networking strategy.

First, start by assessing what you did in 2012 and figuring out what worked and what didn’t work for you. You don’t want to start of the new year using a stale approach and just continuing to do the same stuff. Recharge your strategy! It is time to review, evaluate and make some changes.

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Get Ready for 2013 With a Fresh Networking Strategy

Ask yourself, to what extent your networking activities contributed to your success? If you went to a bunch of face-to-face networking events and find you really didn’t get any benefit from them, it is time to take a harsh look and figure out why. Are you engaging with the right people? Do you have a strong marketing message that entices people to learn more about you? And, are you following up with those key contacts you meet? If you are doing all these things, maybe you aren’t going to the right events or perhaps this isn’t the best networking strategy for you. I am an advocate of not wasting time and money, so if something isn’t working for you then stop doing it.

Next take a look at all of your social media accounts. Are there some that you aren’t using regularly and consistently? If so, either get on the ball and start making some connections, interacting with others and engaging with your followers or close these accounts. Having a stagnate social media account is not helping you and it really doesn’t look very good for you if someone connects with you on social media and you aren’t contributing in a meaningful way.

You also may want to research some new options that have recently emerged in 2012 like Pinterest and see if this may make sense for your business. Are you customers and target prospects hanging out here? If so, maybe you should too.

Finally, take a look at your website homepage and any online profiles you may have on social media. Your virtual handshake is just as important in making an initial impression as meeting someone face-to-face. People will decide whether or not they want to learn more about you and your business by what you say online too. People have internet ADHD, so having a memorable and impressive online marketing message is a MUST. When you meet someone face-to-face, you are usually in a situation where you have a few minutes to make an impression. When you are online, you have about 5 seconds max to do this before someone moves on to another page.

Moving into 2013 is the time to take a look at your networking strategy and make the changes you need to get ahead. For a simple 6-step approach to networking, the Network PRo Toolkit could be a valuable and affordable option for you. Check it out at www.networkprotoolkit.com.

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