Social Media – From the Eyes of A Marketing Intern

I love working with interns. They have fresh outlooks, interesting views and are excited about learning new concepts. It is such a joy for me to share with them how to implement the marketing concepts they learned in class to real-world scenarios. Sunny is working with me this summer and focusing on social media. I asked her to share her perspectives on social media as she begins her internship at BD-PRo and here is what she has to say:

As a college student, I consider myself as tech savvy. Most students are nowadays. I started using Internet and social networking websites for more than half of my life. Facebook and Twitter were always used as a medium to keep in touch with my friends and emerging trends online. However, I recently learned that social networking sites could be used as an important networking tool for most companies. As a social media intern for BD-PRo Marketing, I am learning more about how businesses can utilize social networking sites to develop their marketing strategies.

Facebook is the biggest social media network. It has become popular among entrepreneurs and business owners. Most advertisements nowadays tell their customers to go on Facebook and “Like” their pages. However, I am learning that just having a Facebook page wouldn’t be a valuable marketing tool until the businesses understand how to use it effectively. Just like any other social networking sites, you should focus on establishing networks with professionals as well as your clients. I have noticed that interacting with customers is very important because it shows them that you care about them and value their inputs. Moreover, it is imperative to know how much time you can put into Facebook so you can find time to actively participate in group discussions and interact with people who follow your page.

Twitter is a microblogging service that is limited to 140 characters, known as “Tweets.” I follow my friends, news updates, and celebrities. Twitter is nice because the posts aren’t lengthy so they are very quick and easy to read. Whenever I am in rush but want to know the current events, I go on Twitter. I sometimes follow specific businesses because they tweet their deals and coupons. Until now, I didn’t notice how useful Twitter was for marketing. Most businesses reply to product queries, provide customer service, and other related services online as well as promoting offers, discounts, and deals. As a college student, I sometimes forget that social networking is not only for personal use but a great tool for business marketing.

One of the biggest social networking sites is LinkedIn. To be honest, I am not very familiar with this site. It is primarily used for professional networking. I did not have an account in high school, because I didn’t really have any professional experiences. As a college student who is about to graduate in a year, I realized that it is an important tool for career management. I know friends who found their summer internships as well as full time employment through LinkedIn. I can find both potential companies and recruiters as well as be found by them. I have noticed that it does not hurt to have a minimal profile on LinkedIn and receive contacts from recruiters in your industry or specialty who may be able to help you out in the future. I hope that I can learn how to use LinkedIn for marketing purposes as well as personal professional growth.

Although I know how to use most of the social networking sites pretty well, I am now learning how to use it as a marketing tool through this internship. The social media has become an important tool itself for promoting business. Marketing has largely become an online activity recently and for that purpose, social networking sites will continuously be an important tool. I am looking forward  to learning more about social networks as a business strategy and become an expert by end of the summer.

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