Research Proves People Still Struggle to Network Effectively

I am excited to be working with another intern this spring. Lauren has been an amazing addition to the BD-PRo Team and her dedication and enthusiasm has shown through every step of the way. She has been working on a marketing plan for my new Networking PRo Toolkit which helps business people to be more effective and results-focused networkers.  The work that Lauren has done demonstrates the need for a resource that ties networking investments into lasting business results. It’s not just about collecting business cards any more and this toolkit includes many resources to help create the right message, develop a strong networking strategy, create sustainable follow-up strategies, measure the return on your networking investment and how to set realistic goals. You can learn more at

In the meantime, read on as Lauren describes how working with BD-PRo has helped her to take the skills she has learned in school and apply them in a real-world situation.

Hi, I’m Lauren Barber and I’m BD-PRo Marketing Solution’s newest marketing intern.

Lauren's research has proven the need for resources to help business people boost their networking skills for better business results.

Over the past few months I have been working on a marketing plan for the BD-PRo Network PRo Toolkit. I must admit it has been a lot of work, but I’ve been enjoying every step. Most recently, I conducted a survey about strategic networking for small businesses and had small business owners respond to see if there’s really a market out there for the BD-PRo Network PRo Toolkit. I was excited to get to conduct another survey outside of my university community.

It was kind of fun looking for other ways to find the right survey respondents other than bugging all my Facebook friends to complete it for me. Regardless, it worked and in a mere week or two I had already gotten 30 responses. I was then able to look at the data I got back from the survey to see how small business owners currently use networking for their business, if at all.

I thought it was good to see that all of them used networking in some form to support their businesses, and it must have been working to some degree since a majority of them had been in business for at least six years. Many people struggle with their elevator pitch, which the Toolkit would definitely help with. Several respondents also thought that calculating their networking return on investment was very important, another aspect of networking that the Toolkit addresses. It has this great ROI calculator that provides actual numerical data to show if networking efforts and expenditures are actually paying off.

I really think that this is an amazing product and my research shows there is most definitely a need for it, especially since there is really nothing quite like it out there. Sure, there are plenty of networking help books, but books don’t offer the same level of specialized help and interactivity that the BD-PRo Toolkit offers.

This whole experience has honestly been really exciting for me. I’ve been able to actually apply the skills and concepts I’m learning to a real world product. The best part? It is actually working! The research I have done and the resulting data have been able to give me a new insight into the target market and has helped me realize that this toolkit will really help alleviate much of the frustration that can come with ineffective networking. In the end, I feel that I have really been able to not only help BD-PRo create a marketing plan for the Network PRo Toolkit, but also small business owners realize their full networking potential.

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