Are You a Strategic Networker?

Many people in the business community spend lots of time and money going to various networking activities, but is this paying off for them? What about all the effort involved with managing multiple social media accounts? Sure this is a free tool for doing networking, but are you seeing any real benefit? Are you taking the time to calculate the return on your networking investment in time and dollars? What does that mean?

It’s time to find out. With the help of my marketing intern, Lauren, we are addressing these questions. We have put together a survey to evaluate to what degree people are truly strategically networking and embracing the right practices to network the most effectively. We are in the process of collecting data and have over 20 people who have participated so far and the responses are still coming in.

You can participate by going to and clicking on the Networking Survey. We will be sharing the results in an upcoming post, so stay tuned!

How to be a strategic networker
Take the networking survey now! Your input will be used to address the question “Are You a Strategic Networker?” and “What Help do I Need to Network More Effectively?”

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