Don’t Set Goals….Accomplish Them!

I set goals all the time and sometimes I accomplish them and sometimes I don’t. And it isn’t just about creating a checklist, although I have post-its with checklists all over my desk, but it is an intentional process by which you identify where you want to be and put a plan in place to get you there.
Study after study proves a direct correlation between goal-setting and success.  Results from these studies vary but most claim goal setters achieve anywhere from 60 to 80 percent more.  While goal setting is clearly an important part of growing your business, it is also imperative to implement these five primary steps for incorporating goal setting as a part of your business and marketing processes. In fact, these steps are what make the difference for me in whether or not I meet my goals.

Strive to reach your goals!

  1. Clarity: Getting clear about what your vision is enables you to establish goals that are consistent with your vision. You always want to make goal decisions based on where you visualize your business to be, but if you don’t know where that is, then you should spend some time to get clear on this otherwise you will be wasting valuable time setting ambiguous goals. Using a talented business coach like Wendy Maletta from Ahhluminating, will help streamline this process and get you jump started with an action plan very quickly.
  2. Motivation:  Stating what you want to accomplish (and your “why” for your goals) will give you a framework to concentrate your energy and a vision to propel you forward.  Motivation is what drives you to succeed and as a business person you have to understand what is personally motivating to you. You can’t expect someone else to do it for you. So spend some time thinking about your past successes and what propelled you in these situations. Learn from your own experiences and continue to apply this moving forward.
  3. Focus:  Identify your priorities so you can spend your time wisely and in the right places. You can track your efforts and stop wasting time on tasks not contributing towards your goals. Many people go through their days at a crazy pace and at the end of the day realize that much of their time was used on activities that were not mission critical. Some things can wait, so let them. I know this can be easier said then done so for help, consider calling Joyce Wilde. She has an amazing  “Wilde About Organizing” system to help people take charge of their business activities and stay focused using her valuable results-driven techniques.
  4. Accountability: By setting goals, you hold yourself responsible for producing the best results. You can measure your progress against your goals and better understand what is working and not working. If you struggle with this then get an accountability partner. This is someone that you trust and will work with you and hold you responsible for reaching your goals.
  5. Growth: Goal setting allows you to stretch your abilities and realize your highest potential. When you accomplish your goals, you will feel a sense of achievement. This helps you to stay motivated and you will naturally raise your bar and open your eyes to new possibilities. This is exciting and inspiring.

Start here and enable yourself to be successful. Set a goal right now to go through these five steps and create a plan to move yourself forward into 2012 with passion and committment.

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