Why You Should Stop Sending Business Holiday Cards

I am an advocate of not wasting time and money, so I propose to you, STOP sending out business holiday cards!

I know, what I am thinking??? It’s a ritual! It is expected! But an e-card is so easy to send! 

Okay, if you feel that you have to do it, then go for it. But if you are interested in saving some time and dollars and building a more relationship based approach to card sending continue reading.

So let’s think about this from the business perspective:

  1. How many holiday greetings do you get every year? But more importantly, how many do you remember getting? Unless I take the time to document the cards I receive, which I don’t, I certainly don’t remember from year to year if I got a card from you or not. Why? Because I am getting so many of them and they aren’t personal.
  2. If you are of the belief that it is expected, then ask yourself, if you really like working with a particular company, are you going to stop doing business with them because they don’t send you a card? From my point of view, if I have a good experience with a company it is because they are reliable, have a good product or service, provide good customer service and so on. I would much rather deal with a business that meets or even exceeds my expectations then a substandard company that sends me a card. But that’s just me, what about you?
  3. I know, e-cards are easy to create and send, but guess what? They are  just as easy to delete. It is difficult to create an e-card that will be unique enough to break through the clutter of email H, E, double L. So why bother?

But am I saying to not send out cards at all? NO! I am saying, don’t send them when everyone else is sending them. But regardless of when you decide to send a card, you should use this approach as a part of an integrated marketing approach. One that distinguishes you from your competition.

And how do you do that? Here are 3 valuable tips to help you do just that.

  • Be genuine: If you are sending out a card to thank someone for their business, then do that. Don’t make the mistake of a company that sent me a generic card, with no signature, including a business card without a contact name and then had the nerve to insert a referral slip. I actually had a good experience with this particular company,  but this left me with a negative feeling about them. If you are going to thank someone, thank them. It should be about them, not about you.
  • Send out a greeting during a non-holiday time. Typically a holiday card is used to thank your customers for their business, so why not show your appreciation throughout the year when it is less expected, but more remembered. You may want to consider a solution like Send Out Cards to help you manage this process.
  • Personalize it! Write a note and say why you are sending the card. Is it a thank-you note? If so, explain why you appreciate their business. Is it a special occasion? Then share your excitement and extend your well wishes. People will remember and appreciate that you took the time to write something personal.

It doesn’t have to be long or complicated. Just write something from your heart and send out a note. Do it when the moment is right not necessarily because it is expected in that moment.  Your efforts will be appreciated and remembered.

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  • Fran Treloar

    I absolutely agree with Sheryl. I tell my customers it’s best to send either a Thanksgiving card saying “thank you for your business” or a New Year’s card saying “looking forward to servicing you in the new year” or something similar. I also recommend to my clients that they have access to a marketing calendar that lists a holiday for every day of the year….use it to stand out from the competition.

  • BD-PRo Marketing Solutions

    Fran, thanks for your input and for suggesting unique ways for companies to differentiate from competitors using cards. SendOutCards is such a great way to keep companies organized and make it easy to send personalized notes any time of the year. This personal approach is what people remember, not generic greetings.

  • Wendy

    Great Ideas, Fran. You should let folks know how to find you if they need help with card marketing ideas: http://www.greetingsfromfran.com. I know how much a hand written personalized card means to mean at any time of year. We are getting out of practice with the ease of those ecards and social media. I am guilty of this and need to get back to it.

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