4 Steps to Being a More Memorable Marketer

What can be difficult about marketing is there are a lot of tactical activities involved in meeting your ultimate goal: to make more money. Social media, public relations, networking, advertising, direct mail, email marketing……and the list goes on. All things necessary to ensure your success.

The main problem with this is you are competing  with 1000’s of other marketing messages to capture the attention of your customers. If you don’t have what it takes to be memorable, you are just white noise and ultimately not being noticed at all. This is a complete waste of your time and budget.

If you want to increase your chances of breaking through all this marketing clutter, you should take into account the following guidelines:

  1. Know WHO  you are targeting . You can’t be all things to all people. You may be able to market your products and services to everyone, but unless you establish a specific target market, you will not be able to create a market message that resonates with the right people. For example, everyone has the potential to eat pizza, but if you have a family oriented restaurant that caters to children, then an older couple with no kids that is looking for a quiet place to eat may not be satisfied with the experience they would get at your place.
  2. Know WHAT is important to your prospects.  Understand how your product or service adds value and communicate these attributes to your target market. If you aren’t talking in their language, they don’t have any reason to listen to you. So getting back to the pizza example, if you indicate you cater to families with a kid-friendly menu, games they can play while waiting for their food, and an overall fun entertaining environment, this will sound more appealing for parents with kids looking for a restaurant that has a kid-friendly atmosphere.
  3. Know HOW to communicate with your customers and prospects. This means that you should be aware of where they hang out and how they gather information to make decisions. If your prospects on not using Twitter, then it doesn’t make sense for you to be on Twitter and you can spend that time on something else that will be more relevant. Focus on those 2-3 marketing tactics that are most relevant to your target market and when you have those nailed then you can always add more marketing activities. If you try to do too much it will be hard to manage and maintain successfully.
  4. Finally, be realistic on how much time and money you an invest in your marketing efforts. If you go to 3-4 networking events every week but don’t allow yourself the time to follow-up with those you meet, you will essentially delay your progress in building effective business relationships. If you set up too many social media accounts, you may not have the time to interact with your communities or you may catch yourself in the social media time warp where you spend all of your time on social media at the expense of other valuable activities.

Now take a look at your current marketing strategy or if you are just starting to build one and incorporate these guidelines. You will be well on your way to  creating a marketing message that will be more appealing and memorable to your intended audience.

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  • janemorrison

    Great reminders on marketing savvy Sheryl. There are only so many hours in the day available for marketing and we need to do it wisely! My best, Jane Morrison

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