Don’t Compromise Your Business Values, it Could Cost You Customers

I was enjoying a meal with a friend at a local restaurant and for the third week in a row we requested a Mojito and was told they didn’t have the ingredients needed. It made us wonder why? It was a Mexican restaurant after all. It is one thing to be out of something one time, but when it becomes a regular occurrance it made us curious. Since I know the owner, I decided to casually ask her one day what was up? Was it really that hard to have the necessary supplies to make this particular drink? Just call and order what you need.

Seems like a simple thing to do, right? But her reply surprised me because it really wasn’t that simple. She emphasized the importance of customer satisfaction to their restaurant and how their restaurant specializes in using only the freshest ingredients. This is what makes their establishment unique and why people have continued to be loyal after 32 years. She continued to say that finding fresh mint for Mojitos this time of year is very difficult. The same with avocados for guacamole and if they could not get access to quality produce, then they would rather not make that item then risk providing a substandard product.

Wow! I believe a lot of companies confuse the term “the customer is always right” to doing what is best for a company brand. For example, if they tried to satisfy their customers’ wish for Mojitos and they had gone with frozen mint we would have been presented with a drink that had a shriveled, brownish garnish. This certainly would have made us unhappy and maybe think twice about coming back.

My only advice would be to educate the staff about why certain items are not available so that they can deliver the right message to their customers. So when someone asks for a Mojito, a server could respond with “we aren’t serving Mojitos this evening because the quality of the mint at this time of year is not up to our standards and we want to ensure that you always are served with the freshest and highest quality food.” Hearing this message would have reinforced the values that have made this restaurant successful for so many years.

For all you Pittsburghers come on out and try the Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant. This family -owned and operated restaurant serves up fresh made Mexican food in a fun and casual atmosphere. Try their famous mason jar margaritas today or some of their homemade ice cream. I had the salty caramel ice cream with mexican chocolate sauce last night and it was fantastic!

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