You CAN do Business on a Treadmill!

I am partnering with another business owner on creating some new business development ideas and we have been meeting weekly to move our strategy forward. It occurred to us that we should practice effective time management skills and we decided to try something new….exercise while discussing our business concept.

I have to admit, I am not a morning person, but arriving at 6:30 at the gym does have its advantages. I got to see a beautiful full moon and I didn’t have to wait for my turn on the treadmill. We situated ourselves side by side and I am sure I looked strange as I was trying to balance my binder and pen on the machine. I have to say though, we had a great conversation and burned some calories but trying to write notes while briskly walking on an incline was a challenge.

So, we do consider this meeting a success… we made progress on our project, established next steps and scheduled our next meeting to do the same thing next week. Now maybe a hot fudge sundae to celebrate?

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