Free Ways to Grow Your Lead List

You do not have to buy a lead list…

There are several strategies that you can use to grow your prospect database. These can be done intentionally through attending business networking events, or you can embed your lead growing process into your day to day life.

  • Use strategic press releases – Press releases are a great way to get publicity about your company. The key is to have a specific call to action that encourages qualified leads to contact you. Offer a free white paper or a free/discounted trial of your service. Create a webinar to educate your market on how to solve a problem. With any of these actions, you will require people to provide their contact information to access the materials and ta da! You have just added contacts to your database.
  • Be very intentional in asking for a referral at every opportunity. One of the best times to ask for a referral is immediately after you sell something or after receiving positive feedback about your product or service.
  • Your employees are a great source of referrals. Consider an internal campaign to obtain referrals from each company employee. Everyone knows someone, Create an incentive program to reinforce employees that provide qualified names.
  • Do not forget to remind your customers about the type of referral you are looking for. Great places for a reminder include in your newsletters, your emails, your mail correspondence and through social media.
  • Always network no matter where you are. When you are in a situation and you observe someone that could use your product or service try starting a conversation and getting to know that person and his or her challenges. Use networking strategies to cultivate and follow-up with this potential lead.

Stay tuned for more free ways to grow your lead list in my next blog post.

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