What’s in the Toolkit?

Your Network PRo Toolkit contains must-have resources and provides detailed steps for earning more referrals and accelerating your sales process and job search while saving you time and money.

Books become outdated, and information on the Internet can be overwhelming and time consuming to read. Workshops provide a brief experience based on information available at that time. The Network PRo toolkit provides you with all the networking-development resources you need in one place. It is like a book, the latest and best online information, and a workshop—all rolled into one! Once you buy the Network PRo toolkit you will have ongoing access to all the latest features and updates—real time.

Network PRo Toolkit Contents:

  • A guide to help you use your toolkit effectively and efficiently.
  • Step 1 Goal setting PRo: A tool to help you calculate your lead generation goals. This step teaches you a quick and easy way to assess what you need to accomplish in your networking efforts, like how many leads you need to reach your revenue targets. Networking is not an item you check off a list (I went to an event today; I collected a business card). It involves a consistent and defined process to ensure business success. Goal setting also helps you track your progress and stay motivated!
  • Step 2 Creating your marketing message – Helping you to create your brand “promise” that is personal and memorable. Cut through the white-noise and be remembered when you meet people.
  • Step 3 Message rater: A tool to evaluate your marketing message. Feedback and tips are provided to make your marketing promise impactful and meaningful. Make sure you are hitting the mark!
  • Step 4 How to be a network PRo: Resources and guides to help you maximize your networking efforts. This section contains strategies for networking online and in person. There are so many ways that you can stay connected to your network, and this toolkit helps you save time and money by making the most of your networking efforts.
  • Step 5 Do not flop the follow-up: A guide, template, strategies, and guidelines—everything you need to implement a simple, yet effective, follow-up strategy. This is where most people drop the ball. To form and cultivate relationships, you need a solid on-going follow-up process that distinguishes you from everyone else.
  • Step 6 Networking ROI PRo: A tool to help you calculate your return on networking investment. Why network if you aren’t gaining from the time and money you spend on networking? Use this tool to regularly evaluate your progress.

For only $49.99 you get all of this plus access to all the Network PRo Toolkit’s new features and real-time updates.


* Special volume rates available for groups, associations, colleges and universities. Call 412.527.1871 for details.